We make campaign content, TV spots and animated videos. 

WORK we are proud of



Pocházíme z agenturního prostředí a specializujeme se na komplexní výrobu audiovizuálního obsahu pro marketingovou komunikaci. Naše výstupy obsahují videa v různých formátech, animace, fotografie nebo živé přenosy, které pokrývají veškeré potřeby marketingové komunikace v digitálu, televizi i offline prostředí.


We come from an advertising agency background and we focus on all-embracing production of audiovisual content. Our outputs include various formats of videos, animations, photographs or live streams and cover all imaginable needs of marketing communication.


We have a permanent team, which includes all positions from producer to motion designer. Thanks to this, we are able to process every project from the first draft of a concept to the final post-production in house.


We have our own equipment, including a studio and editing room, which allows us to respond flexibly to any additional requirements that may arise during working on a project.


We are part of the Near & Dear group and, therefore, we cooperate on projects with colleagues from other fields that are closely related to the production of audiovisual content – creative, communication strategy and design (Story TLRS, Triple Bang Agency), communication and PR (Topic PR) or interactive web content (Dev Bros).