Why interactive video?

Customers become part of the story and they get to decide how it ends. Whether you tell them about your product, service or people is up to you.


When you make people feel as a part of the storyline, they enjoy the video even more and they are more likely to remember it. And that’s what you want, innit?


Interactive video also maps and reports everything the viewer does and how s/he interacts – from the start of the video to the final conversion.


Interactive video is designed to be enjoyed on mobile phones and computers. Unfortunately, Nokia 3310 can't do it but all current platforms do!


By working closely with Story TLRS, we can also provide production, website, social networks administration, performance campaign... Well, just about everything!

What is interactive video and what are its possibilities?

It’s simple - we enhance the standard video by adding an interactive layer, so the medium becomes more entertaining and engaging.

Personalization possibility

You can call the customer by name, customise the communication by gender, or offer the viewers a video version based on their interests.

Information Detection

Did you know that an interactive video can take into account the viewer's exact location, time, or current weather?

Buttons and Signposts 

One storyline is not enough! So let's create more of them and let the viewer decide how the video will go on.

Optional Extensions

We are able to create a custom video by combining various interactive and personalised features. There are no limits!

Case Study

ČSOB – Everything served on one dish; interactive video linked to an e-mail campaign with an emphasis on personalisation of many elements. Full service.

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